Mauser Broomhandle

weapon (ranged)

Mauser Automatic Pistol 1896
p. Pistol 7.63mm – Dam:1d8+1,Hand: 1,Rng: 15,Att: 3,Shot: 10,hp: 10, Malf:98
p. Carbine 7.63mm- Dam:1d8+1,Hand: 2,Rng: 25,Att: 3,Shot: 10,hp: 10, Malf:98
p. Pistol 9mm – Dam:1d10,Hand: 1,Rng: 15,Att: 2,Shot: 10,hp: 10, Malf:99
p. Carbine 9mm- Dam:1d10,Hand: 2,Rng: 25,Att: 2,Shot: 10,hp: 10, Malf:99

Butt Stock – When the butt stock is attached the pistol becomes a carbine in this configuration the gun can use either pistol or rifle skill as you like.


Mauser Broomhandle

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